Wireless Credit Card Terminals

In today’s world the wireless credit card terminal offers instant gratification when every second counts, the success of your business hinges on your ability to serve your customers in the most secure and efficient way possible. So it’s no surprise that wireless terminals are the way to go when accepting credit card payments. At Global Merchant Solutions, we offer secure wireless credit card terminals and solutions, allowing merchants of every size and type to improve their business, no matter where their business takes them.This is great option for business such as, construction; trade shows, home audio/video, mobile detailing, and flea markets. In all cases a wireless credit card processing solution can effortlessly interface between you and your customer. Wireless payment options give you the flexibility and reliability you need when accepting all types of credit card payments.

Unlike countertop wired terminals, wireless terminals don’t require connection to a landline telephone or a direct Internet hookup. Process payments on the go and on the spot, wherever the customer may be. Strict security protocols that ensure that your customers’ data remains private. Wireless terminals process speeds are 3x faster than wired terminals.

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