Value Added Services

Cashless ATM

A Point of Banking (Cashless ATM) Terminals provides your customers with the convenience of using ATM/Debit cards and credit cards with pin based cash advances. Consumers expect to be able to use their ATM/debit cards to make purchases at all types of businesses. They will pay a surcharge fee for the convenience of an ATM, which helps them avoid a drive to the bank or another destination saving them time. Customers access their bank accounts with this Cashless ATM without leaving the establishment.

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Point of Banking Terminals work similar to Cash ATMs except funds are deposited into any of your bank accounts at the conclusion of the customer’s purchase transaction. It is set up for $5.00 increments to closely match the purchase of your customer, and then you would simply give them change for the difference. Point of Banking terminals work with your customer’s banking as long as there is a 4 digit pin code assigned to the card being used.

This is how the process works. First, the merchant slides the customer’s ATM/Debit card through the POB terminal and chooses from which account to withdraw funds (checking, savings or credit). Then the customer enters their PIN# on the pin pad. The merchant enters the amount of the transaction closest to the $5.00 increment and asks the customer to agree to the $2.00 convenience fee. Then the terminal connects to the ACH network and validates the transaction in a matter of seconds just like a Bank ATM. The POB Terminal prints out a customer’s receipt and a copy for the merchant.


  • Program eliminates merchant paying processing fees
  • Ethernet Equipment Package is only $350.00
  • Ready to use, out-of-box plug and play
  • Verified for security and PCI Compliance
  • Safer and more reliable than Cash ATMs
  • Reduces cash on hand at the business
  • Increases sales and average checks

 Gift Cards

Gift cards are big business, even if your business is small. At your level, having the right gift cards for your business can either make or break business. The right gift card program can increase sales and improve cash flow. Turn your terminal into a money-making machine by offering Gift Card programs to your customers. Gift Cards keep customers coming back and they often spend 30% more than what’s on the card. Plus Gift Cards help simplify managing store credits.

There’s no one-size-fits-all gift card program. That’s where we come in. We can help you implement a creative and effective gift card program tailored just for your business.

 Rewards Cards

Rewards Cards are another great way to boost sales. You can offer free products, $5 discounts or a percentage off future purchases, all of which are incentives for customers to keep coming back. When you reward your customers for making purchases, customer loyalty and profits increase. Global Merchant Solutions makes it easy and affordable to offer Loyalty Card programs to your customers.

Check Conversion

Are you looking to accept checks, but don’t want to assume the high risks that go with it?

We offer our merchants the ability to set up a check conversion account which allows them to authorize a check within seconds.  You can run the check verification directly through your credit card terminal or even over the phone or Internet. No more waiting in line at the bank or paying a $35 fee because of a bad check.