No Credit Check Financing

Unlike your traditional financing our No Credit Check Financing is a short term payment plan developed for those who have the ability to pay but their credit scores reflect history inconsistent with their current status. Plans range from 2 weeks to 12 months with amounts from a few hundred up to $10,000 per purchase of the total sale amount. We fund up to $3,500.00 up front. The remainder is paid over the remainder of the plan.

The ready and willing buyer becomes able through their income status.

Merchants have reported substantial increases in revenue using this innovative process. Sales that would otherwise be lost due to lack of credit or immediate funds availability are now within reach with our No credit check financing.

No credit check financing was created to be a mutual benefit to the consumer. Our flexible approval process examines several criteria benefiting customers who can afford to make a purchase. No credit check financing doesn’t replace traditional lending. It augments it by setting a viable standard for payment worthiness and creating a plan that fits within the customer’s budget. This is done by adjusting income requirements and other parameters on a daily basis fitting the sale amount to the customer’s ability to pay.

Businesses with sale amounts exceeding the cash in a customer’s pocket need this program. It helps build customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consumers need a responsible and affordable means to make their purchases. No credit check financing delivers that solution to the merchant and consumer.

The objective was to provide a level of service suited to the small to medium sized business by controlling cost without sacrificing quality. These goals have been met. In doing so we’ve created a multi-platform service to fulfill the needs of the growing enterprise seeking to expand their customer base.

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