MMJ Credit Card Processing

Even though the use of marijuana medically or recreational in 20+ states is legal, the Federal Government classifies it as illegal. For this reason, most banks including state-chartered banks will not provide any traditional banking or credit card services to marijuana dispensaries. They are afraid that federal regulators and law enforcement will come down on them with fines and further restrictions. Do not Feel discouraged we have true solutions for your unique business!

These limitations have created many burdens for dispensaries and delivery services. Burdens such as paying employees in cash, purchasing money orders for buying supplies and paying bills, and of course, additional security concerns like break-ins, robbery, assault, etc.

Some marijuana business owners have tried to circumvent the banking limitations by using their own personal accounts, hiding the nature of their business, etc., only to see their accounts and their credit card processing eventually shut down or frozen by worried bank managers. Some business owners have gone through half-dozen or more bank accounts in just a couple years. Don’t feel discouraged we have true solutions for your business. Peace of mind is just a phone call away call us NOW 404-205-0275

GMS Offers True Solutions!

Global Merchant Solutions has been involved in the Credit Card Processing Industry for over 9 years and have been personally involved for the last 4 years with the MMJ credit cards processing industry in helping to provide payment solutions that work. We are professional consultants for small to medium sized businesses helping them utilize the best processing solutions available for their transactions. We have specialized in point of banking programs over the past 4 years bringing a creative knowledge base to the industry.

Global Merchant Solutions has a proven way to add more revenue and profit to your organization. Through our relationships with several major processors, we have the ability to provide many payment options in order to customize solutions for both unique and traditional businesses. We are committed to the ever evolving Cannabis Industry and to be of service to businesses in all States presently active with proper licensing and those newly opening. No more red flags, no more SQUARE or PAYPAL, No more service for a cash Atm, No more we have the true solutions for MMJ credit card processing!

What does GMS offer?

GMS offer Point of Banking (Cashless Atms), All in one POS systems, Wireless & Countertop terminals, and Cash Advances to Dispensary already in business. Please call us today we can have you set up accepting credit cards in 2-3 business days! Call today so you will have the peace of mind every business owner deserves! Call  NOW 404-205-0275



  • Eliminates merchant processing fees 0% on all transactions
  • Accept Credit & Debit Cards
  • Equipment Package starting at $399.95
  • Plug & Play ready to use, out-of-box
  • Works with Internet or phone hook-up
  • Verified for security DSS and PCI Compliance
  • Safer more reliable and no service charges like a cash ATMs
  • Increases sales and average checks
  • Most important “Peace of Mind”

Provided by Jay Garris. Contact him today or you can find him on Google+.